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Changes... again :)

Hi everyone!
Our dashing DM is currently recovering from oral surgery, so I thought I would do the honors and post what we discussed yesterday evening. JohnnyB, this will be new info for you as you had to leave early. I hope you’re feeling better :)

After much discussion and back and forth, we realized we had enough people wanting to roll new characters that it made the most sense to start a new campaign. Here’s the pertinent info:

*We are starting at lvl 5 in the general D&D world (not Darksun). This should make it a bit easier learning and building the character while still giving them some fun stuff to do.

*You can choose a lvl 6, lvl 5, and lvl 4 magic item and have 840g to spend on whatever else you would like.

*We spent some time talking about the party composition. As of now and from what I remember (Bayashi correct me if I’m wrong as I didn’t think to get a copy of your notes), we have myself in the role of leader, Dwarframpage in the role of defender, and Bayashi playing dps. I think Omniscientlyme had a couple different builds in mind and was thinking of perhaps dps or a dps controller (I may be way off on that, sorry!) and if I understand correctly, Weiye will not be joining us for this new campaign, leaving either controller or more dps as the needed roles, although really, as our DM is fond of saying, play what you think would be the most fun to play. Also, if we need to do more shuffling now that we have 5 players instead of 6, I am flexible about adjusting roles if needed.

*As our DM has a school schedule that is making running a game every week difficult, we will do two more weeks in a row and then switch to an alternating every other Sunday game.

That’s the basics. There is more I am sure, but our DM will be out of commission for a few days while he recovers. In the meantime, if I missed something we discussed, feel free to post it. Also, feel free to ask questions here or private message me and I will try to get answers when he is coherent :)

-Office of the DM, Secretary


I think you have it all, as I see it at least.

Hope you’re feeling better JohnnyB and I hope the DM recovers well.


Changes... again :)

I’m starting to feel better, thanks everybody. While I’m dissapointed that Dark Sun is no longer, I had a good time playing with everybody and hope you did with me. I’ll roll up another character (what do we need yet? Not sure how 5 or 6 player party makeup should look like.) for our new campaign. I do have some concerns regarding this most recent transition that I would like to discuss next week with everybody. They are in regards to player/PC and story continuity. I would write them here, but I feel I can better articulate my words in person.

Best wishes on your recovery from surgery Rystefn!

Changes... again :)

Actually, recovery is kicking the Hell out of me. Because of the nature of the dungeon complex, I won’t be able to know what order the party is going to be doing things in, so basically I have to convert the whole thing before. I don’t think I’m going to be able to do that and bump the level for you guys as well in the time I have to do this since I’m all laid up and drugged half out of my head more often than not. So back to level one we go. Since the lower levels are simpler, I’m pretty confident we’ll blow through them quickly. Really sorry for any problems this may cause, but I’ve spent maybe two hours total not flat in bed in the last two days, and I don’t think I have what it takes to get anything more done by Sunday.

Changes... again :)

To clarify:
Lvl 1 characters, no magic items, 100 gold pieces to spend on armor, weapons, and adventuring gear. Ready, set, go.

Changes... again :)

Glad I caught the new post. Hope everyone starts feeling better soon.

Someone might want to mention the ability score rolling method this time around for JohnnyB, since that was different. I’ve been so busy the last two days that I’ve already forgotten which it was exactly. (something involving d6s)

I did end up going with a dps controller. Storm Sorcerer to be exact. It’s a multi-target striker and a forced movement type controller. I’d say if we have or can get someone that can provide some movement restriction or lasting/sustainable zones, we should be fairly covered on the controller side.

JohnnyB, if you’re still interested in an Archer type, but want to try something on the controller side, I’d suggest looking at the Seeker class. I mention this because you seemed to pick a number of Ranger powers for Roland that caused slow/immobilize/daze, which is similar to this in play style. And because I think it would synergize well with the group. With all the burst powers it has to hit multiple targets, it may even have better overall damage output. And its Grappling Spirits at-will attack is an awesome controller power.

Rystefn, when you get the chance, can you remind me what character background info you wanted before we start. I will probably have something to send tomorrow regardless.

Changes... again :)

Oh, yeah. Were we getting the Versatile Expertise feat as a free bonus feat this time around?

Changes... again :)

Notes from me:
My shaman is primarily a healer with a very mobile spirit companion (well, companions actually, but that’s fluff and not mechanics) that should be difficult to move away from, which should help with some of the movement restriction you are talking about.

Notes from the DM:
Roll 4d6 seven times. Drop the lowest die per roll. Choose the six results you want.

Feat: No on the versatile expertise feat at this point, but it will come into play at a later point in the game if the game lasts long enough to get to high enough level. If you choose to take it earlier on, when it comes up later, you will be able to swap out the earlier feat, it will not be wasted.

Background stuff:
DM would like to know whether they are local to the area the game will start (which is way out in the boonies on the edge of civilization) or if they are from somewhere else and traveled there. If they are from somewhere else, why did they travel to the middle of nowhere? And what’s their motivation for being an adventurer?

Changes... again :)

My character can be local to the area if it helps the story, doesn’t really matter to me. I’ll be rolling controlling wizard, as I’ve always found wizards to be kick-ass fun to play, and I’m guessing we need a controller yet. Send me a message if we don’t need controller and I’ll go warmage or something.

Changes... again :)

Actually, a wizard will be a good fit, I think. Unfortunately, wizards only get a small selection for targeting “enemies” rather than “creatures” in their AoE spells, so everyone needs to watch their positioning. I think it’s 5th level before a wizard gets an AoE spell that only targets enemies.

Changes... again :)

Wizards have a couple enemies only level 1 AoE daily spells. One of them isn’t too bad either.

Changes... again :)

Yeah, dailies. So once every three or four encounters you can leave your friends out of a spell. In fairness, though, Essentials finally gave them a level 1 encounter that targets only enemies… It doesn’t do any damage either, but c’est l’vie, no?

Changes... again :)

So controlling wizard ok then?

Changes... again :)

Yeah, controlling wizard is great.

Changes... again :)

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