City of Sails


Our still recovering DM asked me to post that as you are making your new characters, if you find something that the errata has nerfed or broken unnecessarily, or if you would just like to make the argument that a power or feat should be used in its pre-errata form, please post in response to this or PM him. This has come up once already with my Shaman and the Sudden Call feat, which he has ruled should be used in the pre-errata form.

And to recap in case it was overlooked in the comments section, we are starting with level 1 characters, no magic items, 100 gold pieces to spend on armor, weapons, and adventuring gear.

Office of the DM, secretary


Speaking of wrong-assed rules, ha anyone noticed that nearly all of the Channel Divinity powers you get from divinity feats are ranged 5? Really? Who thought it would be a good idea to make them provoke attacks of opportunity? That’s dumb. They’re now close burst 5 powers.


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