City of Sails

New Rules for Combat Rounds

by Rystefn

So last night, I noticed something about the way we handle combat: We backtrack a lot. I mean a whole lot. There was not a single round of combat during the last session in which no one backtracked. I’ve been very lenient on this, and it’s been getting worse. This takes up valuable time and interrupting what’s happening makes it much harder to keep track of things. In the interest of keeping things flowing, I’m implementing a new rule: Once you end your turn, your turn is over. No going back to spend your minor action, no adding status effects, no dealing more damage, and no rolling saving throws. There will be very clear divisions between turns, and once your turn is over, that’s it; it’s over.

Yes, this will take some extra time while people think about whether they’ve done everything before they end their turn, but hopefully it will save more time by avoiding revisiting turns more than once.


Seems reasonable. I like it.

New Rules for Combat Rounds

I think you’re right. The combat rounds do take quite a bit longer when we are all trying to add extra stuff on what we should’ve already planned out before we even had our turns.

New Rules for Combat Rounds

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