City of Sails

Things to think about...

by Rystefn

So there seems to be some difference of opinion about how things are going to play out this time around. Some people are confident, and some people are convinced that at least some people are going to die. So, in light of that, here are some things I’d like people to think about over the course of the week:

  • How many survivors would it take to maintain campaign continuity?
  • Would certain individuals surviving or dying change that number? (Which subsets of people make sense to carry on the story and which may as well go their separate ways?)
  • If the campaign is completely wrecked, what do we do about it?

I’m more than willing to run another game, or to play in a game if someone else wants to start running one to get their revenge and kill me off. If you do want me to keep running, I could start a new game in another world or at low level, if that’s what people want. Alternately, we could just put together however many new characters are needed (up to all of them) and soldier on as best we can.

Of course, if you guys do come out on top and walk away from this one, these are still useful things to keep in mind as the game goes on, since it could come up again at a later time.


I think we are in serious trouble. Tali and Roland can both escape pretty easily. Depending on what happens up top Balthazar and Salvitore could possibly get away also since there is only one troll on the cliff. I can still heal Salvitore if he goes unconscious once. That is my last heal. Theren and Durn are right in the thick of things and Theren is pretty bad off. Theren does have resist 5 and regen 5 going for him right now. All of this is based on use running for it. I don’t think we can win the fight.

Balthazar has strong ties to Tali and Theren. If either of them live he would stick with them and any other survivors. If they both fall he would probably stay with the others for safety reasons and then split.

I have my own thoughts on what Salvitore, but I will ask Jenny when we talk tonight.

If we don’t make it I am up for a new D&D game in any campaign setting. I would prefer to start low level, but would go with whatever the rest of the group wants.

Can you teleport while you are falling/jumping?

Things to think about...

I don’t think things are dire enough to warrant talking about new campaigns and new characters. Yea it may be a most-of-the-party wipe, but if Roland survives he could probably get in touch with the other elf people and get something to happen for the others. I’ll be honest, the challenges from this encounter were refreshing. If we would have burned the downed trolls when we had the chance, we wouldn’t be having this conversation. That’s a mistake I own, I could have done a better job. Either way, I don’t want Rystefn to think that he was too hard on us. It was a beatable encounter had we done one thing different, and I still think it might be a beatable encounter. Just my two cents.

Whatever you guys decide, I’m down for whatever. New campaign, new characters, same campaign, same characters, doesn’t matter to me. While I enjoy playing Roland, I won’t get butt hurt if we decide to start anew. I enjoy gaming with y’all, and whatever happens I’ll have fun.

Things to think about...

Tali has basically been waiting to see what happens to Theren. As I believe he may be close to death, her next concern would be Balthazar whom she has liked since he cut off the head of the hostage with such flourish and Salvatore, who for whatever reason she has consistently jumped into the line of fire to keep alive. She is currently hanging from a cliff close to reaching where Balthazar and Salvatore are and what she sees when she hits the top will determine whether she runs, which she and Roland have been eying each other for some time now and thinking might be the best plan. Theren dying would certainly be inconvenient for her, but she would continue on with Balthazar if he lives and Roland as well, she likes him well enough. Her feelings towards Durn are pretty much the same as with the last barbarian: meat shields are replaceable. His death doesn’t really bother her or effect her in any meaningful way.

Things to think about...

Theren is obviously attached to Theren. What can he say, he likes the guy. Until recently, people like Tali were simply frustrating walls to be overcome in the reach for power for his family. Tali has changed things somewhat, but he suspects that, in the end, his connection to Tali is the same as her connection to him, strong so long as it benefits both sides.

Theren has a lot of respect for Durn, Roland, and Salvatore, who are certainly capable. That said, many people are probably capable if Theren ever bothered to notice.

Balthazar is very fun to adventure with and has a certain flair that Theren really appreciates.

Now, since Theren is the most likely to die, none of that really matters.

I’m comfortable playing a new character, which will likely be Theren’s sister the dark assassin. That would leave us short a tank so I’m assuming someone else dies and we balance out somehow. I won’t roll up a new character yet but we can talk Sunday.

I’m considering running a new campaign set in the planes but I need to do a lot of reading and prepwork first. A month or so at least.

Things to think about...

Personally, I think we can win without anyone dying. How many of the party will be conscious is something else. If I recall, the remaining trolls were in pretty bad shape. Durn has enough healing to make it through the fight, and has one more power that can perma-kill a troll. Tali’s fire will be key to finishing the fight. She’ll have to jump down when the last two are on their last legs.

Durn is not likely to help maintain the group, being new and a wanderer. He does like Theren who’s with him on the front lines, and Roland who’s teamed well with him and a desert nomad, but Tali kind of scares him. He’s not been impressed with Balthazar’s singing and such, but that may be his lack of interest in the fine arts to begin with. He does have a new appreciation for Sally’s ability to fling trolls off of cliffs, though. But if Theren and Roland both manage to die, there’s little chance he’ll stick around. Of course, if Durn and Roland are all that’s left, they’re likely to just part ways and return to nomadic life.

If we do resort to starting a new campaign, I personally find level 4 or 5 to be the best starting point for experienced players. It’s simple enough to jump into without too much to keep track of, but not as simplistic as level 1.

Things to think about...

If people don’t want to run I am fine with making a final stand. Sally and Balthazar are probably only going to be able to kill the one up top if that. They will probably have to spend a few rounds climbing down also. Neither one will be able to jump and live.

Things to think about...

Yeah, I don’t expect much beyond that for the Sal and Bal duo, given their position. The exception being that if you can go without using your last heal up top, climbing down within range to heal Theren would be great. Hopefully one of you has a climbing kit or at least a rope so that climbing down doesn’t result in a failed climb check and a plummet to your death.

The problem with running is that none of us can outrun the trolls. Theren, Durn and maybe Roland would have to be sacrificed by the rest of the group, if they wanted to try to run. Of course, they can’t consider that an option until they’ve dealt with the troll up there with them first.

Things to think about...

The heal Balthazar has can only be used at the moment the ally hits 0 hit points. The likelihood of them being able to deal with the troll up top and climb down to Theren in time to be there at the moment he hits zero is ridiculously low. Not to mention, Sally is himself near death and will more than likely need the heal himself. Roland could run now and get free, as could Tali by dropping on the other side of the rock pile and joining Fisk and Reginald. Whether that happens or not will depend on what it looks like when we start up again. I am not nearly as confident that we are going to get out of this alive. I think if we stand and fight it will be the last stand Balthazar has referred to.

Things to think about...

Roland can outrun damned-near anything. His normal move is 8.

Things to think about...

The trolls also have a normal move 8.

Things to think about...

Regular trolls have a move of 8. These particular trolls have a move of 7. Even if they did have a move of 8, Roland has quite a lead on them already.

Things to think about...

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