City of Sails

Bubble Bursting

So I got inspired and started building a warlock of my own. Only to discover that the item description for the Rod of Reaving specifically states “When you place your Warlock’s Curse on a nonminion target, the creature takes 1 damage.” So unless Retaliation has something else that causes damage when she curses that I couldn’t find, or there’s a houserule I am unaware of, she’s not quite the minion slayer we thought she was.

Sorry Tali :(

P.S. If there is something I missed, I’d love to know for my own build. :)

Left my Mini's

Hey all, it’s Roland. I was about to level up today and realized that I left my mini’s on the board when I left last session. It would be nice if whoever has them would bring them to the next game, please. Thanks! :)

Purchasing Magic Items
by Rystefn

So its come to my attentions that some people may be under the impression that they can just swap out magic items now because they’ve leveled up. To be clear – your healing surges, action points, power uses, etc. are reset, and you can retrain as usual, but buying and selling gear/equipment will have to wait until you’ve actually physically gotten somewhere you can make such transactions. Part of the reason the rewards for this level were non monetary was because I knew it would be a while before you had the opportunity to spend any coin you might have picked up, and cash devalues pretty quickly as you level up. Don’t worry, it won’t be an entire level before you have the opportunity for trade or anything like that

Also, just a reminder, we won’t be meeting next week. I’ll put something up again as we get closer as well, I know some people are coming from pretty far, and I’d rather not waste people’s time.

Reginald likes to Count

Fellow Adventurers! It has been brought to my attention (most rudely, I might add) by my servant Reginald that he is a bit of a Quant. He apparently runs around during battles and asks everyone how they’re doing, including asking how hard our opponents hit us and so on. I had no idea. Frankly, I didn’t realize he had this kind of time on his hands or I would have found a few more chores for him. You know what they say, “idle hands lead to revolution and the disestablishment of the ruling elite” and we just can’t have that now, can we?

Reginald has created the following “website” for you to visit:

Nothing can be edited from that site, so have no fear about messing things up, although, remember, if you do, Reginald loves to fix things and devote lots of time to seemingly silly and minor details. I mean, nothing in his life is important enough to worry about, so really, its not a bother.

Starting on the top, you’ll notice “tabs” and there is a “Party” tab with comprehensive statistics of all sorts. Then there are tabs for each of us (quite a thorough little bugger, isn’t he?) Lastly, a few tabs for tracking things during a battle (I now get why Reginald was shouting at me from time to time “heal Balthazar!!” and so on. I figured he was just trying to avoid stitching people up later, the lazy sod.)

The tabs to the far right are data and calculations, and should be ignored, as they are not meant to be viewed by anyone with a sense of beauty and grace. Obviously, this means they are fit for Reginald.

If you have any suggestions for Reginald, please do let him know, as he loves to better himself in an attempt to make up for his low start in life.



Short Game Today
by Rystefn

Third Place closes at 6pm today, so the game will be cut short. Sorry for the late notice.

Plans for dealing with a smaller group
by Rystefn

OK, so we have a few options here, I’d like to hear what people think.

1) Carry on with 4 PCs
2) Allow players the option to play two characters
3) Hire on one or two NPC mercenaries
4) Bring in more players

None of these are necessarily exclusive, bringing in a new player who can’t be at the game every week and whose character would be played by someone else on those weeks has been suggested, for example. I would certainly prefer having the players control any NPC mercs in combat, as I have enough to keep track of already. In addition, any and all of these can be temporary solutions as well. Mercs who go away when new players get brought in, for example. Let me know what people think.

Changes: Note from the DM's secretary

Hi everyone!
Our DM is busy with calculus homework so I am posting in his stead as it seems important to let everyone know what is going on. Forgive the use of character and screen names, I don’t like using given names on an open forum.

I know some of you had questions about Brent’s post earlier and you may have also noticed that Klise has deleted the Thri-kreen character he started to build. Brent intended the post to open up the possibility of rolling a different character to compensate where we were lacking if necessary based on feedback from the group, but it appears things have changed since then.

Klise has chosen to stop playing in our game. While Brent has expressed interest in continuing to play with us, Klise is his ride. Brent looked into taking the bus, but unfortunately the bus line from Everett to Lake Forest Park doesn’t run on Sundays, so it appears he will not be able to continue playing with us either.

This leaves four of us. As we will be leveling our characters, choosing feats, and possibly swapping out a power/feat/ability, it would be a good idea for us to talk about how we want the party to look and work together. For example, Balthazar: if you’re going full rogue (or more rogue), I will go further down the controller path as I had intended to do with this level, whereas if you’re going more healer, I will go further into striker.

While we can certainly play with four, if you guys know of someone who would be interested in playing, feel free to ask them. We have a few people we may be able to ask as well, but we’re pretty sure their schedules won’t work. If we don’t find anyone else, we can discuss as a group whether we want to work together as a small party of four or whether we want to open it up to new players in the same way you found the game.

If you have any questions you’d rather ask privately, feel free to message me or Rystefn. Otherwise, feel free to comment here so we can discuss what the group looks like now.


Reginald's 3rd Report

I am reporting in as requested, to fulfill my obligation to House Atreli in my service to Master Theren, Adept of House Atreli.

I have taken the opportunity to highlight where I mention any specific person from the party so as to make things more clear to aid in your review, sir.

I submit my long overdue report after a most harrowing journey from Balic to Draj. My humble apologies, but as you know, post service is not wonderful in the best of times and is, in fact, nonexistent in the Silt Sea.

Our journey began fairly uneventfully, with various members of the party observing the crew of the ship and in general getting to know the dangers of the desert and the Silt Sea. As we approached the ruins the captain spoke of, we were alerted to the presence of some form of desert nomad creature by the Elf, whose eyes are quite keen. I must recommend that if we ever need an agent to act on our behalf that we can effectively distance ourselves from, should something go wrong, he seems quite capable.

At roughly this time, the crew also noticed another ship approaching from the opposite direction. The captain, in discussion with Master Theren and Praetor Retaliation, turned the ship sharply towards the approaching ship, both closing the window until combat with the starboard nemesis and keeping the nomadics at a distance until we were prepared to deal with them properly. Most of the party was able to help dispatch the crew of the oncoming ship via ranged weapons, with Master Theren treating it like a day at the range targeting clay ingots, and his aim reflected perhaps a night of heavy drinking beforehand. I bravely stood my ground directly in front of the ship’s wheel and observed the rest of the short combat. Praetor Retaliation managed with apparent ease and even disdain to simply swipe the opponent caster directly into the Silt Sea. After we carefully rescued the caster, who seemed a necromancer of some sort, a most interesting set of events occurred.

After she was detained and safely bound and her ship commandeered for our own purposes, a discussion, if it can be called that, broke out amongst the party. Praetor Retaliation was furious with the woman for her impudence and gall, and simply wanted to ritualistically gut her and leave her in the silt. Bard Balthazar seemed to see no reason to leave her alive, showing a startling grasp of common sense that isn’t always present in an artist of his caliber. Brent Edwards and the Elf seemed fairly unconcerned either way and Master Theren was debating the merits of keeping her alive when Raen, the hired blade, showed a shocking amount of courage and stupidity by demanding that she be left alive. He threatened to get in the way of any attempts to end her life or spill her moisture.

Master Theren observed the stalemate for a few moments before taking Raen below, while requesting that Brent guard the prisoner and asking Praetor Retaliation and Bard Balthazar to stay their hands temporarily. Naturally, I followed, and naturally, no one noticed either my presence or absence. Sigh. Master Theren seemed unable to get much direct information from Raen, but was able to present a case, albeit without much, if any, actual information, to the Praetor and the Bard to keep the prisoner alive, although in the most constrained of circumstances.

After this, there was a brief flurry of a combat with the nomadic creatures that was really more of an annoyance than anything else. In short, the Elf shot them.

Only later that evening when I saw Master Theren writing by candlelight in his bunk did I think something was amiss. I am certain he saw me observing him and even more certain he knows of my real reason for being near him as he later “left” his journal where I could easily read it without being seen or risking others reading the journal. That he both knows my task and lets me do it without disruption is a blessing and a curse, for now I know that everything I observe is possibly suspect as I’m sure Master Theren could deceive me if he put his mind to it.

Here is the contents of the relevant journal entry, word for word, emphasis my own:

“This has gone on long enough. I have kept the blade around as one keeps a useful implement in the kitchens, a keen horse handler in the stables, or a flexible courtesan in the bedroom. He has a purpose to serve and this pathetic business of morals and concerns is trying my patience. I know not what we will face on the way to Draj, so I am forced to tolerate his mewings for now, but when the time comes, he will find himself without that pretty blade and find instead the crushing force of my hammer at his windpipe. Let him whine for justice and the past when he cannot draw a breath.

I think the templar and the bard both see the right of things. The elf may even understand it subconsciously. We must survive if we are to help anyone and if someone is unable to survive and do what must be done, they should be culled and left behind. This is not cruelty, this is the reality of the desert.

I have arranged with Balthazar for a concoction to be blended in with the prisoner’s ropes. From what he tells me, she’ll receive a fatal dose of slow-acting poison within a few hours, and should seem to pass out and then fade away in a coma about a week from now, with no apparent ill effects before then. Hopefully we’ll have resolved the Raen problem and dispatched her more directly, but being prepared is always wiser.

Once we have left the ruins and we are back on course for Draj, I shall work out a plan to dispense with Raen. It is unfortunate that I cannot keep his protection as he is useful to me, but I must set an example and also ensure that only the strong and willing are nearby."

This concludes what Master Theren wrote on the matter.

After a period of rest from the trials of the day, we were travelling in peace when we were set upon by what I can only describe as a giant silt squid of some sort. Tentacles roamed across the ship at will and the beast was most troublesome in avoiding the party’s direct confrontation. Over time, the beast was weakened and eventually dispatched, but from the stories I hear the crew relate, it may only have been a younger form of this monster. During the combat, it wrecked the main ship and we were forced to evacuate to the secondary ship. Master Theren, I note, was very keen to ensure no one touched the prisoner’s ropes and instead suggested she simply be left in her crate.

Upon arriving at the ruins, we arranged a cunning plan to ensure the ship remained safe and the prisoner was brought to shore, still bound in what I now knew to be quite deadly rope. The party ventured deep into the ruins, and I dare not bore you with the tale. It was a fairly standard set of ruins, from what I could perceive. I’ve attached a ledger of the various things that were found, although it would have been easier to prepare without Praetor Retaliation tossing everything about in a flurry. Alas. The Elf was quite a force to be reckoned with and Praetor Retaliation is showing more and more signs of pulling slightly to the defiler’s view and less and less concern for the natural world around us. I cannot say I blame her, as I have had the most awful case of desert rot in my shoes. Curses and good riddance to “nature”.

Of interest is that once the most pressing threat was dispatched to the underworld, the party seemed to sense a problem coming to a head. Both Praetor Retaliation and Bard Balthazar made attempts at injuring or pushing Raen to the brink. Finally, after the lich had been ended, Master Theren stepped forward and in a most surprising turn of events (to those who had not read his journal), proceeded to send the bladesmith flying through the air into a far wall with one vicious smash of his hammer, ending things once and for all. As Raen slid to the floor, his neck broke and his body crumpled, Master Theren announced that we could not trust someone who wasn’t willing to do what it takes to survive and both Praetor Retaliation and Bard Balthazar seemed shocked but glad to have the assistance of Master Theren. His cunning was so deep as to actually heal the hireling earlier just to keep him alive to the end. I am glad I serve House Atreli and not their foes.

The ranger, who is in no danger of seeming either useless or overly soft, still made loud exclamations on his value and obvious willingness to look the other way in times of dubious moral standing. Brent merely stood his ground.

Upon returning to the surface, the necromancer was gone with a haughty note left behind. I assume the silt will claim her in a short time.

We cleaned the ruins out and slowly made our way to Draj. Fairly standard routine of lying low and resting while the goods were fenced. Otherwise, nothing of note has happened since our arrival earlier today, but I’ve seen Brent scratching something on a piece of parchment, so we shall see what he is up to. I shall likely prepare a 4th report before we leave Draj, or within a few days, whichever comes first. I’ll include the text of Brent’s note then.

My pleasure to serve House Atreli always,


A note to the adventurers...
All he left was this note...
Brent never spoke again after the event. No one asked his opinion, perhaps no one cared. His eyes were on the horizon as they left the ruins with their findings and his responses mere nods or looks, perhaps that’s how he’s always been. All he does is stay quiet with no interest to speak, writing on a parchment. Only once back in town did he turn to Balthazar and request his iron weapon returned. A hired blade needs no real presence besides that which he’s paid for, and with the large copper ingot shared by Captain Fisk, his share was paid. And it had been well paid indeed. What more could a hired blade ask for?

That night, no comments were made, no insistence for discussion, no hoots, hollers, cheers, or so much as a grin and nod. As the group focuses on the next option of business, Brent draws the parchment in one hand and an arrow from his quiver in the other. As he leaves the building, one hand holds up the paper and the other slams the arrow in to hold it aloft at eye level, and walks out. The note is simple common, written by a simple man with a simple understanding of how he sees life in Athas.

"The work was good, the job fulfilling, the pay more than respectable. Our business is currently completed.

There is no doubt in my mind your band will continue to find lucrative paths to wander in the future. I like money too, and I aim to find more as well. But I won’t be seek it in the same direction as the rest of you any longer. You don’t pay enough to warrant the say on ending an ally’s life based on their morals, not with the questionable methods and means you employ and enjoy.

I’ve no reason to speak your names or tell of your exploits ever again. You’ll have no problem finding me if you wish, but I’ll not seek your company without payment in advance, and I consider no standing favors between us.

Brent Edwards-
Survivor of the Pit of Black Death
Hero of Balic"

Reginald's 2nd Report

I am reporting in as requested, to fulfill my obligation to House Atreli in my service to Master Theren, Adept of House Atreli.

My services were actually quite useful once the crew was able to meet up again to discuss selling the iron chains they “acquired” from the beast of the Sorcerer-King. How Master Theren managed to convince the Sorcerer-King that the chains were already gone from the beast when they arrived I cannot fathom. I think it equally likely the Sorcerer-King simply ignored the loss.

As the selling of the chains was discussed, I listened and notated each person’s desires and went about weighing the chains. Could the brute have helped me weigh them? Certainly! Did he? No. Once the chains were cleaned, weighed, and the various courses of action plotted out on paper, Master Theren took the initiative and my helpful ledger and went to work. Between all of the group’s work and contacts, they were able to make a handy wage from the chains. I’ve heard Master Theren discussing the merits of various equipment versus a companion animal of some sort to keep him company on the road.

We have met with a trader, and it was decided to venture out into the Sea of Silt before heading on to Dradge. I send this report before we leave as I am unsure when the next will be received. I have the names of the house agents in Dradge and am fully prepared for the journey. I am certain Master Theren will spend time with the captain trader to develop another useful contact and to avoid the crew of the ship, who are clearly beneath him. I expect by the end of the sail, the captain will think he had always dined like a noble and had wine delivered to him on his deck while riding over the silt with smoothness and ease. Ah how quickly people become accustomed to ruling over others and being treated well and cared for.

My pleasure to serve House Atreli always,



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