City of Sails

Raen's Note to Self #2

During the night, he took a scrap of cloth to write his note, once more penning with a little of his own blood.

“I saved a life today. I know it is not one worth saving. It would be easier to kill her, but I am not interested in comfort and ease. Would Raen be proud that I spared a helpless villain? I seem to think more and more of him while traveling with this bloodthirsty crew. I’m not planning to remain in Athas for the rest of my life. I hate that I am becoming comfortable with these people.”

His thoughts and feelings become mixed, and unable to focus on the words, he ignites the patch of cloth, casting it into the sand.

Praetor's Log: 27th of Sorrow

by Retaliation

Praetor’s Log: 27th of Sorrow, in the Year of Priest’s Defiance

I came very close to lighting that swordmage on fire yesterday. I quickly dispatched of that bitch magic user and he had the audacity to drag her up from the depths of the silt and save her life. Not just search her, question her, and dispatch of her, no, this underling has chosen to keep her alive and has staked his life on it. He would not even cave to the extremely generous compromise offered by that blood thirsty bard I like so much. Blinding her to take away her ability to cast magic was such an eloquent solution. But no. He is lucky the noble stood with him. Nothing less would have stayed my hand and saved both his life and the life of that mewling necromancer. Why the noble stood with him I cannot comprehend, but it is advantageous at this time to stay aligned with his house, so for now I will yield. The swordmage has some deep internal motive I do not understand. Needless to say, I do not trust him and will be watching him closely.

The slayer continues to prove himself a useful tool, dealing large amounts of pain and wounds with that unusual spear of his. Even the ranger proved quite useful, spotting the wights from a long distance away and granting us the ability to fire upon them long before they reached us. I am annoyed at the destruction of our ship, but at least we have the other ship in reserve, waiting to approach the island on our signal.

I do not know of the dangers we will encounter within the ruins, but I feel we are proving to be an effective killing team. That is, of course, when the swordmage stands out of the way and actually allows us to kill. Sentimental fool. It will come back to haunt him, of that I have no doubt.

by Rystefn

Shifting Sands of Balic level 13 – 17,000gp
Like the dust of the Sea of Silt, you slip between and around your foes, impossible to hold or impede.
Arcane Boon
Property: If you start your turn with two or more enemies adjacent to you, you can shift 3 squares as a move action.
Power (Daily • Teleportation): Move Action.
Teleport 4 squares.

Imperator’s Arcane Might level 13 – 17,000gp
The First Citizen is a powerful sorceror. Mortals who please
him gain access to powers that otherwise take years of study to

Arcane Boon
Property: Choose an at-will attack power from an arcane character class. You can use that power as an encounter power.
Power (Daily): Choose an encounter power of 7th level or lower from an arcane class. You can use that power as a daily power.

Rules Clarifications

So it turns out close bursts must have line of effect, meaning the thought projection must have line of effect. Same for any close blast, for instance.

Raen's Note to Self, #1

I write this down, merely to brand it in my mind. The note itself shall be burned; how appropriate. Until now, I’d never known any fight quite like this. The numbers and challenge had been beyond my expectations, and I fear that this will only feed my hunger.

Thankfully, or perhaps unfortunately, I am not alone in this endeavor. My latest employer has brought together such a considerable amount of talent, and power that I have seen little of beyond myself and those under the hands of these sorcerer-kings. Tools, one and all.

They seem satisfied with my protection, and I shall seek to keep them fooled. They should hope that I die before they. So far, none of my companions in the past have been so lucky.

  • Raen takes the scrap of paper in hand, licking the wound he made to supply the ink. His gaze narrows as he reads over the words one more time, anger rising until the note bursts into flames, letting it slip from his fingertips as it blackens beyond recognition. *
Reginald's Report
Report to House Atreli

I am reporting in as requested, to fulfill my obligation to House Atreli in my service to Master Theren, Adept of House Atreli.

A brief note before I discuss Master Theren. No one seems to notice me, which is as you desired. Master Theren clearly expects my presence but even he won’t look at me directly or make eye contact. He turned his back on a thug the other day and simply walked out of a bar (see report on Prancing Praetor incident). I was quick enough to grab the thug’s arms before being tossed back into the wall. Sadly, for me, no one in the room even noticed I was there. I offered to clean the area but the brute (how else can one think of this Brent character) was quick to point out that blood and guts might make a better impression on people. Typical.

I’ve observed that Master Theren was willing to let others have input into matters, which is inconsistent with his upbringing, but consistent with how he has acted ever since becoming more independent and working for the Black Ops aspect of House Atreli. I think he recognizes that while society can’t function without a strong ruling class and peons that know their place, on the battlefield and in areas of mystery and intrigue, background and social standing matter less than a keen pair of eyes and a sharp intellect.

I know in the past Master Theren has expressed distaste for Templars and sees them mostly as a necessary evil, to be tolerated as the Sorcerer-King’s minions. It will be interesting to see how his interaction with Retaliation play out. She seems an interesting character, albeit a dark and bloody one. I quite expected to be knitting Master Theren new shirts and such given how careless most Templars are with their powers and their tendency to sacrifice their own minions to serve their needs. Retaliation held back this time, but I don’t foresee this lasting. I noticed Master Theren actually speaking to Retaliation in a civil tone (well, civil for a noble at least) and I expect he respects her powers and is willing to overlook her nature so long as her goals don’t cross his and House Atreli’s. If that should ever happen, I fear for the bystanders.

Raen, as expected, is serving well and helping to keep Master Theren safe by splitting the duty that Master Theren has trained for. They seem to function well together and were a veritable wall of bone and force against the blows of the enemy. I’ve yet to get a feel for Roland or Brent, beyond their combat abilities, which are, as expected, perfectly capable and worthy of working for House Atreli.

Now Balthazar is going to take some watching. I am fairly certain he and Master Theren will get into trouble quite easily. The two of them let loose on the bars and brothels of the city would lead to many a broken glass and heart, I fear. Sigh, how often have I gone after Master Theren to cover expenses for damaged property or to buy flowers for a lady who expects him to return. I saw the glint of mischief cross between Balthazar and Master Theren and noticed that they seemed to lead the group quite well between the two of them, setting up a lovely interaction and back and forth dialogue that made me wonder if they hadn’t met before. None of my notes mention Balthazar from Master Theren’s past, but names are so malleable.

I must return to continue with Master Theren’s laundry and minor repairs to his armor, but I will pass this missive to the courier upon the next opportunity.

My pleasure to serve House Atreli always,


Praetor's Log: 13th of Sorrow

Praetor’s Log: 13th of Sorrow, in the Year of Priest’s Defiance

I have fought twice now with this particular group of… individuals. I fear I have not been at my best, holding back my full strength for fear of lighting on fire the noble I am accompanying or his hired sword. This will not do. Yes, he is a noble and of course his hired sword has proved useful, but there are of course other nobles and others swordsmen should something untoward occur. Not that I foresee that, this group seems to have rather prolific healing capabilities between the noble himself and that vicious bard. I must confess a slight liking for the bard, Balthazar he is called. He handled dealing with that menial pig of a praetor so poetically. The slayer has shown extremely effective at hurting our enemies and the ranger can clearly hold his own. Overall, I am not displeased with the abilities of these men.

Another unusual thing has occurred however. I chose not to defile. Why would I do such? This is most unlike me. Defiling may cause those around me some pain, but what is that compared to the deep satisfaction it offers me, not to mention bringing this world closer to resembling the hells of my dreams? Clearly I must set aside these strange behaviors and act as a descendant of Fierna rightly should. Let the bard heal those that have been lit on fire. The beast we face now is of unknowable strength and ferocity. We must all be at our best.

Taghan's Farewell

The dwarf woke the next day, head aching from what must have been a entire keg’s worth of broy. His gaze wandered to the other sat of the mat, grasping for the bag of coin. Over a day’s worth of revelry, and he barely made a dent in this small fortune he was looking at.

Though he was barely scratched from the fighting, his old body ached. Despite the larger sum of money being promised in the near future, he felt the calling of home. He packed up his belongings and left a word with the innkeeper for his companions before sneaking out (as best as a dwarf could). He bought a small caravan’s worth of provisions for the trip home and his people, and hired a few cheap guards to keep him company along the way.


As discussed, there’s the point-buy system we came up with before:

Scores start at 12, 12, 12, 12, 12, 10. You get 30 points to buy them higher. The cost for raising ability scores is
11* (1)
12* (2)
13 (1)
14 (2)
15 (4)
16 (6)
17 (9)
18 (12)
19 (16)
20 (20)

*The cost for raising a score that starts from 10. Any score must be raised to 12 before raising it higher.


Hi everyone :)
I realized after yesterday’s game that Syeira just doesn’t have enough motivation to stay in the city, even for ridiculous amounts of money. She also doesn’t quite have the controlling powers that mesh well with the type of movement we have. So, I am releasing Syeira to run away to the desert, as is her deepest desire, and have rolled a controller warlock in her place. She has some cool immobilization, slow, and knock prone powers, which should work well with the group. She is also a Templar, and a defiler, which may create some interesting exchanges between she and our lovely bard. I put up her stats sheet, I will post fluff later.

See you all next week!



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