City of Sails

The Brutality of Dark Sun

This isn’t really an adventure log, but as we don’t currently have a group chat function, it seemed as appropriate a place as any. Yesterday Rystefn and I went to Epic Game Day at the AFK Tavern. It was great fun, but it also gave him the opportunity to engage in some rather intensive brainstorming of all the terrible and brutal ways one can engage their Dark Sun characters. You know, as if it wasn’t already going to be brutal before… ;)
See you next week!

Start Date

So, it looks like we’re getting close. Everyone has characters started, and most people are finished (maybe a little more polishing to be done, but more or less finished). The question at this point is what day should we start and what time should we plan on getting started that day.

Next week I have finals, and I’ll be in Canada the weekend of the 11th… The 19th would be the earliest, I think, but I’m not sure people would want to do that with Christmas being the week after and New Year the week after that. I’m open to the idea of playing both the 26th and Jan 2nd if others want to do so, or we could break for the holidays. I’m hesitant to suggest waiting until after the new year to start because I don’t want to stall out and have people lose interest.

So, let’s use this space as a discussion and see what we can’t hammer out.

Pre-game question
Just a question to anyone who cares to answer

So, upon reading the character bios that have started going up, it turns out that my plan for getting the party together might be kind of traumatic for several of the characters. Just for clarity, before I do something that might cause problems: how many of you would have serious issues if the campaign were to begin with the party being gang-pressed, conscripted, captured by slavers, imprisoned, or otherwise forced into servitude? Would it be better/easier if you were allowed to put up a good fight, take out several of your captors, allow others to escape, or otherwise strike a blow against the people who did it in the process? Obviously, there would be opportunities in-game to escape and/or get your revenge.

Feel to answer here or by PM if you’d rather not say it publicly for some reason.

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