City of Sails Campaign

Far to the north of the Seven Cities, hidden in the depths of the Broken Lands, a new kingdom is emerging. Its ruler is no Sorcerer-King, and it pays no tribute to the Dragon. Far away from the lands of humans and elves, King Garrath has built a nation out of warring tribes, binding them together under one banner. Raising an army of gnolls, aarakocra, brohgs, and tareks, and driving half-tamed monsters of the wastes before him, he prepares to march south. The people of the South have no knowledge of its existence… yet.

Heroes of the City of Balic, far from home and on the run from the priests of Draj, have been brought before the throne of Garrath I, Chief of Malagh and King of the North. Can they preserve the Seven Cities from the might of the armies of the Broken Lands? Do they want to?

Character Creation and House Rules

City of Sails

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