City of Sails

A note to the adventurers...

All he left was this note...

Brent never spoke again after the event. No one asked his opinion, perhaps no one cared. His eyes were on the horizon as they left the ruins with their findings and his responses mere nods or looks, perhaps that’s how he’s always been. All he does is stay quiet with no interest to speak, writing on a parchment. Only once back in town did he turn to Balthazar and request his iron weapon returned. A hired blade needs no real presence besides that which he’s paid for, and with the large copper ingot shared by Captain Fisk, his share was paid. And it had been well paid indeed. What more could a hired blade ask for?

That night, no comments were made, no insistence for discussion, no hoots, hollers, cheers, or so much as a grin and nod. As the group focuses on the next option of business, Brent draws the parchment in one hand and an arrow from his quiver in the other. As he leaves the building, one hand holds up the paper and the other slams the arrow in to hold it aloft at eye level, and walks out. The note is simple common, written by a simple man with a simple understanding of how he sees life in Athas.

"The work was good, the job fulfilling, the pay more than respectable. Our business is currently completed.

There is no doubt in my mind your band will continue to find lucrative paths to wander in the future. I like money too, and I aim to find more as well. But I won’t be seek it in the same direction as the rest of you any longer. You don’t pay enough to warrant the say on ending an ally’s life based on their morals, not with the questionable methods and means you employ and enjoy.

I’ve no reason to speak your names or tell of your exploits ever again. You’ll have no problem finding me if you wish, but I’ll not seek your company without payment in advance, and I consider no standing favors between us.

Brent Edwards-
Survivor of the Pit of Black Death
Hero of Balic"



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