Character Creation

  1. Level – the game begins with all PCs at level 15
  2. Ability Scores – We will be using the old Optional Method III from the original boxed set (roll 5d4 twelve times and assign the six you want to whichever ability score you like). If you’re really opposed to rolling scores, I’m willing to work with you to adapt the point-buy system. If your scores are boring, they can be made interesting.
  3. Races – All races which exist under the Dark Sun are allowed with the following modifications:
    - Thri-Kreen – Average height is 6’10”-7’2” and average weight is 350-375lbs
    - Elf – Average height is 6’7”-7’ and average weight is 160-185lbs
    - Half Giant (Goliath) – Average Height is 7’ 10’’–8’ 6’’ and average weight is 425-475lbs. Ability Scores : +2 Strength, +2 Constitution or +2 Wisdom. Languages : Common, Giant. Skill Bonuses : +2 Athletics, +2 Endurance. Racial powers: Ready For Battle: At the start of an encounter, a half-giant receives 10 temporary hit points. Inspired by leaders: When a leader is within line of sight, the half-giant gains a +1 bonus to will defense. Oversized: A half-giant can use weapons of her size or one size larger as if they were her size.
    - Extinct races (gnomes, et al) are disallowed
    - Setting-specific races (shifters, et al) will be handled on a case-by-case basis
  4. Classes – Divine classes must be reskinned as arcane, primal, martial, or psionic, and any powers and abilities must make sense using the new origin (How exactly are you using a rock tied to a stick to light people on fire again?)
  5. Feats – Each character receives the following feats for free:
    - One Expertise feat of your choice
    - Improved Defenses or one Superior defense feat
  6. Inherent bonuses will be used
  7. Gear – As normal except for the following:
    - Every PC begins play with 5 free survival days
    - Mundane gear (other than food/water) up to 50gp in value can be taken for free (within reason)
    - Magic Items – Each player will have 87,000gp to spend on magic items and such, with no more than one level 16 item and no more than two level 15 items.
    - No boons are available except for Shifting Sands of Balic and Imperator’s Arcane Might for the characters who were granted one of them by Andropinis in play.
    - Grandmaster Training, Psionic Talents, and other non-item rewards are handled on a case-by-case basis.
    - No magic items or rituals that create food and water, or control the weather.
    - If you want to start with a +1 neck-slot item with item resistance 5 to fire, cold, acid, electricity or force, you can. It costs 520gp.
    - Metallic Items – You can’t have any. Sorry. Maybe you’ll find a nice copper belt buckle somewhere during your adventures.

House Rules

  1. I am not using the 4e alignment system. Forcing the players to choose good, more good, or apathetic doesn’t fit the harsh conditions of life under the Dark Sun. In fact, I won’t really be using the alignment system at all, but if you want to use it as a shorthand description of your character, feel free.
  2. Wild Talents are in play. Feel free to choose one or roll randomly if you prefer.
  3. Weapon Breakage – nonmetal weapons break on a natural 20. Metal weapons break on a natural 20 if they fail a saving throw. Magical weapons add their bonus to the saving throw and reform after a short rest
  4. Defiling – Defiling an arcane attack power causes +1 necrotic damage per die. Defiling a ritual causes it to use no material components. This is a separate effect from the Arcane Defiling power.
  5. Skill challenges in social situations will not be following a dex-based initiative order, nor will players be penalized with higher target numbers for thinking of solutions the GM didn’t think to write into the encounter.
  6. Encumbrance – don’t make me do the maths and I won’t do the maths. Keep it more or less reasonable, and I’ll never have a reason to ask you how much you’re carrying.
  7. Metal Armor – If you happen to find some, I highly recommend you sell it. Having worn metal armor in both Texas and Arizona, I will impose realistic (read: painful) effects upon the wearer. It will make you pretty much immune to the jerk with the obsidian knife, though.


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